VIDEO: How Vaccine Misinformation Will Decimate The Human Population And Why It Needs To Stop Immediately

Misinformation about vaccines has led to many becoming confused and frightened. We have the information needed to make an informed decision.

“The limit to shut down any vaccine programme is 25 – 50 deaths. We have over 4000 deaths and 10,000 hospitalisations from adverse effects.”

“All vaccines in history demand a minimum of 2 years of safety data. This is by regulatory standards. For COVID, it is 2 months.”

The Future

We are heading for a crisis. A crisis that is unforgiving, relentless and will dominate the pages of history in the years to come.

The play is set and the final pieces are being polished quietly behind closed doors. Media organisations are repeating their given scripts, the government have media companies paid and on standby and the population has been primed perfectly to ensure obedience. Enter the COVID jab.

Dr Peter McCullough MD, a doctor of Internal Medicine and Board Certified Cardiologist explains why misinformation about the COVID jab is one of the most dangerous situations to have developed. (video below).

If time is constrained, you will find a list of the most important points below the video.

Basic Introduction

  1. The pandemic was all about the vaccine.
  2. Governments around the world are already looking at ways to make the vaccine compulsory/forced.
  3. Stakeholders at the vaccine companies want “a needle” in every arm.
  4. People are aware that they can die from the vaccine. Low uptake globally.
  5. Children as young as 12 years old are told they can make the decision to take the vaccine without parental consent. A deadly decision for a 12-year-old to make. North Carolina just passed a law to that effect.
  6. Over 10,000 dead Europeans died on days 1,2 or 3 after the vaccine.
  7. The threat of “no vaccine, no job or no college” is very real.
  8. Known cases of strokes, blood clots and even immediate death after the vaccine.
  9. COVID vaccines have passed all the ceiling limits set. It cannot be classed as a safe drug and has stopped giving it to patients 3 months ago.
  10. There are papers written by prominent scientists and noble prize winners around the world calling for a worldwide halt to all COVID vaccine programmes.
  11. The spike protein in the vaccines are for the original WooHan COVID – which no longer exists so why are people still taking the jab.
  12. Like giving everyone a broad-spectrum antibiotic, we will get superbugs that are immune to the antibiotics. Scientists are pleading for all vaccines to stop as we are setting ourselves up for more dangerous variants, which will decimate populations.
  13. Vaccine centres are empty. Americans are talking to each other and most know how dangerous the vaccine is and are refusing to take it.

Why The Relentless Focus On Mass Vaccinations As The ONLY Way Back To Normal?

  1. This is the Globalists way to mark people. Get something into your bodies.
  2. Your marked and in a database.
  3. A real scientist knows that natural immunity is far better than vaccine immunity.
  4. If this is really about COVID, why not let those who have recovered and have natural immunity built up get back to normal. Natural immunity is not being credited.
  5. Compliance, behaviour control is what the vaccine is all about.
  6. This is just the beginning. Regular boosts/updates will be required to the vaccine.
  7. Manufactures of the vaccine are indemnified. What kind of health product has that?

How The Development and Deployment of COVID Vaccine Excludes Previous Vaccine Development and Safety Reviews?

  1. All vaccines in history demand a minimum of 2 years of safety data. This is by regulatory standards.
  2. For COVID, it is 2 months.
  3. We have never thrown vaccines at anyone without proper data. Ever.
  4. The 600,000 documented deaths were preventable without the vaccine. Actively suppressed treatments by the establishment could have treated those in the early stages.
  5. In order to help someone, a vaccine MUST be safe.
  6. Weekly updates should have been given to the public on COVID vaccine safety. We have nothing.
  7. This will go down in history as medical maleficis.
  8. Decades of testing is done on vaccines before they are given to pregnant women. We have 2 months worth.
  9. This is an untested technology.
  10. It produces the dangerous Spike Protein.
  11. Something very wrong is going on in the world. It’s very dangerous.

Any Clues Why Outpatient Therapies For COVID-19 Were Suppressed?

  1. To make the problem seem worse than what it is.
  2. Reporting was blown out of proportion in contradiction to what the reality actually was.
  3. Fears, economic suffering made everything seem worse. It was done to promote mass vaccinations.
  4. Nothing now can be published to contradict the authorities narrative. The fake Lancet publication.
  5. No one is looking at the COVID recovered patients and asking why they are also being told to take the vaccine. Why? They already have natural immunity.
  6. We have never had this before. The vaccine companies and stakeholders want every person on earth to have been vaccinated. This has never happened in history.
  7. The vaccine consent form clearly states that it is an experimental drug.
  8. It does not stop the transmission COVID-19 nor does it stop you from getting it.
  9. The vaccine has been weaponised. No travel, no school, no job.
  10. There is something very, very potent in this vaccine.
  11. The limit to shut down any vaccine programme is 25 – 50 deaths. We have over 4000 deaths and 10,000 hospitalisations from adverse effects.
  12. The swine flu jab 1976 had 25 deaths from the vaccine. The programme was shut down immediately.
  13. This is the most lethal, toxic biological agent ever injected into a human body in history. Ever.

Have You Been Threatened or Intimidated For Speaking Out?

  1. Those who have attempted, in anyway, to pressure me or threaten me have already paid a huge price.
  2. Bring them on.

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