UK Accident and Emergency Stops Walk-ins. Call 111 Instead

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As the United Kingdom gets ready for the winter cold, patients are being urged to call 111 before attending accident and emergency departments to help regulate the number of people in hospital waiting areas. 

Patients with non-life threatening conditions will be able to book an appointment at their nearest A&E to avoid a long wait at hospital.

A spokesperson for the NHS told the DailyMail that,

“It reduces the crowding in A&E but still allows you to get the help you need,’ he said. NHS 111 staff can already book people who need it into face-to-face appointments with local clinicians or arrange home visits.”

Currently being piloted in Plymouth and Cornwall, it is due to be extended to other parts of the country in the coming months.

More Time For TikTok?

At a time when the NHS is most needed, the governement restricts access. It would seem that unless you are litteraly on your death bed, you will have to book and appointment to be seen and treated. Perhaps this will allow for the staff to shoot more TikTok videos of them dancing around like clowns. If your not sure what I am going on about, please search Twitter for NHS TickTok videos. You may be shocked.

Wasting More Of Our Money

Trusts around the country are due to launch a major ‘public information campaign’ in the coming months informing the public where and how to access the care they need. Guess who foots the bill for this PR campaign?

Nothing To Be Proud Of

According to the DailyMail, Data published by NHS England shows 0.9 million A&E attendances were recorded in April 2020, down 57% from 2.1 million in April 2019.

Emergency admissions to A&E departments at hospitals in England also showed a sharp fall – down 39% from 535,226 in April 2019 to 326,581 in April 2020.

It was the lowest for any calendar month since current records began in August 2010.

What they fail to mention is why the drop in figures. What were the amount of deaths directly related to the lack of hospital attendance. 

Daily fear campaigns forced on the public by mainstream news outlets and the government kept people with life threatening symptoms away from hospital’s in fear of catching COVID19. Many have died needlessly at home. But of course, they will not admit to that reality. 

Thousands of life threatening proceedures were canceled during 2020, including Cancer treatments and theorapy. Many have died at home without care or proffesional assistance.

Who Has The Final Say?

When your in severe pain, trying to convey that over the phone is not a walk in the park. You want to be examined as quickly as possible by a trained doctor. 

111 call centre staff are not trained doctors. They have a call sheet and scripted questions they must follow. They have no medical experience to prone in detail to assertain the urgency of your condition. This, in itself, is concerning and should be concerning to those who take their medical oaths seriously. 

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