‘Long COVID’ Drug Trials Enter Phase II

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Governments were not exaggerating when they said COVID would be around for a while.

PureTech has initiated a phase II trial of its investigational drug candidate LYT-100 in long COVID characterised by respiratory complications and related sequelae.

Fibrosis and inflammation are commonly observed across a range of lung disease, with increasing data showing that respiratory complications of COVID-19 can persists as lung fibrosis develops.

In a research letter, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), over 40% of COVID-19 survivors assessed in an Italian study reported shortness of breath for an average of 60 days following symptom onset.

According to PureTech, this suggests that a significant number of COVID-19 survivors could be at risk of respiratory complications and other related symptoms long after they are first infected – now referred to as long COVID.


“Patients around the world have reported persistent suffering, including serious respiratory complications that can last for months after the acute infection resolves, and – even with vaccines – there is great a need for treatment options for long COVID,”, said Toby Maher, professor of clinical medicine and director of interstitial lung disease at Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California and the principal investigator on PureTech’s long COVID trial.

“The anti-fibrotic and anti-inflammatory properties of LYT-100 hold potential for treating a range of respiratory conditions, including the long-lasting health burden associated with post-acute COVID-19,” he added.

The phase II initiation follows the successful completion of a phase I multiple ascending dose and food study of LYT-100, which demonstrated a favourable proof-of-concept for the drug’s tolerability and pharmacokinetic (PK) profile.

The mid-stage study of LYT-100 will evaluated the efficacy of the drug in adults with post-acute COVID-19 respiratory complications, with the primary endpoint being the six-minute walk test distance.

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