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Giles Brown

Podcast: Beating the AI hiring machines

When it comes to hiring, it’s increasingly becoming an AI’s world, we’re just working in it. In this, the final episode of Season 2, and the conclusion of our series on AI and hiring, we take a look at how…

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Dominate The Leaderboards With These Gaming Deals

Building your dream gaming setup? These limited-time gaming deals have everything you need to outfit your battle station, from headsets to controllers. They’re all 15% off when you use code ANNUAL15, but grab them while you can. These deals are…

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NASA Rover Finds Ancient Stone Arch on Martian Surface

Arch Nemesis NASA’s Curiosity rover has found something on the surface of Mars which, in scientific language, can only be described as “absolutely awesome”: a small, naturally-formed stone arch in Gale Crater. You can spot the arch in NASA’s official…

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Pfizer and Moderna Hike the Price of COVID Vaccines

Thanks to newly renegotiated contracts between the European Union and pharmaceutical giants Pfizer and Moderna, vaccines are about to become a lot more expensive for some countries. European nations will now pay 25 percent more for Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccines and…

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Japanese Scientists Propose Microwave-Powered Spacecraft

Even with SpaceX launching commercial missions to the International Space Station, spaceflight is still a costly and resource-intensive endeavor, with bigger and heavier rockets forced to dedicate much of their storage space to their fuel supply. To avoid all that bulk, one…

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Why China’s kicking out the crypto miners

The news: China’s intensifying crackdown has sent cryptocurrency prices tumbling. China has been upping its regulatory squeeze on cryptocurrencies for some time, but it now looks likely that over 90% of Bitcoin mining capacity in the country will shut down,…

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